Ven Prajnananda Mahathera

The Hill Tracts Buddhist Organization is a non-political and non-profitable organization. The organization emerged at a good moment in 1976 aiming at doing welfare for the non-advanced Adibashi Buddhist Community from three Hill Districts. The Shakyamuni Bouddha Vihara at Mirpur in Dhaka has been established by the Parbatya Bouddha Sangha(The Hill Districts Buddhist Organization) with a view to building a sacred congregation centre following the long cherished Buddhist culture and religious rituals by the Buddhists Adibashi working people serving in various government, semi government and private organizations including NGOs in 64 districts of Bangladesh. In order to establish this ‘Vihar’ and materialism the dream of the hill tracts Adibashi, two former presidents Ziaur Rahman and Hossain Mohammed Ershad donated two pieces of land to the Parbatya Bouddha Sangha at two phases as per land lease rule against payment. Those whose tireless efforts, contribution, sacrifice and philosophical skill at the beginning are worth-remembering are honorable Ven. Bimal Tishya Mahathera,Late Rajmata Rani Binita Roy, Honorable Parliament member Upendra Lal Chakma, Mr. Sharadindu Shekar Chakma, Dr. Niru Kumar Chakma, Dr. Pradanendu Bikash Chakma, Lt. Col(Rtd) Mong-Kheu Mong Murma and Eng. Krishna Mohan Chakma. In addition, the institution has been advancing since the beginning because of synergistic action of merit and sincere involvement of numerous well-wishers, devotees and quality persons of the Parbatya Bouddha Sangha. Banophool Complex has been established following the chronological development of Shakyamuni Bouddha Vihara. Banophool Shishu Sadan(Banophool Children’s Home) and Banophool Primary School were established in the present Banophool Complex in 1990. The present Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College is the extension and complete from of Banophool Shishu Sadan and Banophool Primary School. Seven members of Parbatya Bouddha Sangha have founded Banophool Adibashi Foundation Trust. In fact, the Trust established Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College on 5 July 2004. We remember gratefully those who have provided wholehearted support, sincere cooperation and real assistance for the development of the institution. The persons who are worth mentioning are respectful Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma(Santu Larma), the Chairman of Chittagong Regional Council by Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Moni Swapan Dewan, former state minister of Chittagong Hill Districts affairs and some farsighted members of the executive committee of Parbatya Bouddha Sangha. In order to conduct Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College properly beautiful and orderly and build up our future generation as good and promising citizen and give solid base to them Banophool Adibashi Foundation Trust fortunately has got 111 experienced, skilled and trained, young and veteran teachers headed by the dedicated and committed honorable Rector, Principal who have glorious experience, fame, reputation and creativity. They have already started giving true love, firm confidence, solid sense of responsibility and tireless effort to our future generation to increase the reputation, glory and academic activities of the college. Patriotic, education-minded, experienced and wise Adibashi people from three Hill Districts have been dreaming of establishing a separate educational institution with a view toe allowing the Adibashi and the Bangalee Children to grow up academically and socially in a non-communal and friendly environment. Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College is the outcome of their long cherished dream. Accepting every challenge of twenty first century with human evolution, the college aims at giving a solid base to the students career. The institution is completely free from politics. The college campus is calm and quiet and it has a well developed system to educate the students and monitor the whole academic process. In order to fulfill the long term demand of the guardians, the college authority and Trust have introduced class XI-XII for humanities group alongside science and Business Studies. The unanimous decision has been taken to admit student into Play Group to class XII in Bangla Medium and English Version in both Morning and day Shifts. We need sincere cooperation of the honorable guardians for fulfilling our desire. The Banophool Adibashi Foundation Trust has a great plan to pen Banophool Green Heart University. Any educational institution having no aim and mission can not play and role in the welfare and development of human resources. The necessity and contribution of an institution for formulating a great plan to develop the students talents and allow them to grow up in a balanced way beggar description. The main objective of education should be focused on the proper development of human children as patriotic people with perfect maturity of talents and human quality. I firmly believe that our institution has every commitment to do welfare to all irrespective of races, colours and creeds. I expect that the inhabitants of Mirpur and Dhaka would come forwards to achieve this goal. May Lord Buddha Bless you all.

(Ven Prajnananda Mahathera)


Banophool Adibashi Foundation Trust & Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College